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Donations are one of the most important sources of non-tuition income for Dolores T. Richardson Elementary School. Donations allow us to devote more resources to enhancing the student learning experience. Supporting faculty and staff development, which is essential for maintaining our quality standards, is just one way your donations can help.


Your gift will help ensure that DTR can provide relevant and challenging learning adventures to children in our community for years to come. These adventures will help prepare our scholars for the future and make their lives better.

Your gift ignites our passion for learning!



At DTR, teachers are always finding new ways to engage students in project-based, inquiry-led learning using relevant curriculum that reflects our social environment. We strive to teach the whole child and work to incorporate social justice, the arts, and social-emotional learning into core academics. Your donation will support the development and expansion of engaging lessons and collaborative learning opportunities for students across grade levels.


DTR takes the effort to address DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice) by working to break down barriers for access to education.  Your donation helps support increasing access and ensuring finances are not a factor in someone’s ability to attend DTR.



Maintaining and enhancing our facilities and grounds is a continuing effort that costs the school money. Donations will help ensure that DTR’s classrooms are functional, comfortable, and inspiring, as well as supporting new technology that will help our students learn more effectively.


DTR School encourages its families to become active and respected members of the local community. Our students learn that everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we emphasize the value of teamwork for all of us to succeed. Some of our families choose to give financially; others offer their time and skills through service projects during the summer season. We are grateful for all support that motivates our students to reach their full potential. Together, we can ensure DTR School remains a powerful force in our community


Annual donations are one of the main sources of income for our school outside of tuition. The unrestricted nature of the donations will enable our school to respond quickly and flexibly to the daily needs of students. Your donation ensures that DTR faculty and staff benefit from professional development, that our facilities are equipped with space and materials to enrich the student experience, and that we compete for better accessibility through scholarship competition.


In-kind donations are a form of charitable giving that involves the exchange of goods and services instead of money. Additionally, there are organized opportunities to donate items to classrooms, if you have a desire to contribute monetarily, please contact us and we’ll help you determine how your contribution can have the greatest impact.

Thank you for your support

-Dolores T. Richardson School-

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